Preparing the Nervous System:
It starts with the eyes

by Dominika Borovansky Gaines In the beginning there are Spinal Motions, the essence of GYROTONIC® exercise. In a healthy person, these movements are a beautiful way to awaken and prepare the physical and energetic bodies for more complex movements. However, we make a lot of assumptions when we expect that these seemingly simple movements can…

Exploring Ankle Mobilization: The Treadle

by Dominika Borovansky Gaines We need mobility in our joints for good brain mapping, otherwise known as proprioception.  If we have jammed joints it can hinder both mapping and function (read my previous foot blog here).  GYROTONIC® exercise, Restorative Exercise (RE) and Z-Health® each address this need through varied stretches and mobilization exercises.  For foot and ankle mobility,…

A Few Things I’ve Learned From Nutritious Movement™/Restorative Exercise
That Have Helped My GYROTONIC® Practice

By Dominika Borovansky Gaines, GYROTONIC® Specialized Master Trainer This month I am celebrating 10 years as a GYROTONIC Specialized Master Trainer. Teaching this work has been and continues to be a very fulfilling experience. I truly enjoy sharing the system and, in particular, I love the opportunity to assist someone in finding ways to move…

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