The Movement Revolution at Kinesphere

by Dominika Borovansky Gaines

Why is it so difficult to change our habits for the better? Most likely because the brain is comfortable with the choices it is making presently. Any change to your current habits requires your brain to expend extra energy, which it doesn’t like.  

Your brain’s primary job is to keep you safe.  To avoid pain and seek comfort.  This translates to a myriad of choices large and small that your brain makes constantly to ensure your survival.  As habitual patterns, these choices are largely unconscious. Therefore, change requires effort and attention.

The fact that you are a part of the Kinesphere community proves that you desire better health and are willing to make an effort toward improved self-care.

From the beginning Kinesphere has been a revolutionary space, on the leading edge of mindful movement practices. We were among the first studios in Phoenix to offer Pilates training and the GYROTONIC Expansion System®. We brought Restorative Exercise to Arizona in its germinal state.  We brought you Yoga Tune Up®. And now we are ready to wow you with the power of your mind.

In 2017 we want to focus still further on the possibility that, literally, changing your mind will change your overall health and well-being.  We’re implementing more and more Z-Health Performance training into our own education and sharing it with you, our clients and community, because we know that brain health is the primary factor in a long, resilient life. It is the key player in reducing the pain and anxiety that can prevent us from leading the life we desire.

So how can REVOLUTION help you? 

First, we want to work with you to find these small movement exercises to which your body responds well.  These might be movements of the eye, the ankle or knees, or using smelling oils or an ear plug. We’ll ask you to do these several times a day, each day when you are not at your sessions with us.

Second, we’ll check your gait regularly.  Since walking is a complex, whole body movement, you’ll integrate the specific movement sets we create and we’ll get a good read on your body’s overall response (i.e. a good drill will improve your gait).

Third, we’ll check your response to more “loaded” work.  While Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise generally work in symmetry, sometimes this isn’t the best course of action. If your body has a big deficit on one side (and many of us unknowingly do), then we might work a bit more asymmetrically for a while. 

Now, just because we are talking about working with the brain doesn’t mean that we’re moving away from the heart-centered, intuitive practice we’ve always had.  Rather, we’re waking up the parts of your brain that have been more dormant to enhance the fluidity of your whole body.

We’re bringing greater clarity to your vision.  More ease to your gait.  Less pain to your body.

These changes will have a profound effect on the other parts of your life.  
The clearer your brain’s map of your body, the more efficiently and fluidly you’ll be able to move. With more efficiency, fluidity and clarity of movement, the brain’s perception of threat is reduced. Reducing your threat level will then allow you to make changes in ALL your habits more easily.

We want the Kinesphere community to live easefully, vitally, joyously, with power and freedom. Come celebrate with us and join the New Year Revolution!

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