My Own Revolution

by Dominika Borovansky Gaines

Poetry for me is a powerful way of expressing ideas. I love the cadences, the images, the feelings that can be evoked with fewer words. So for this month’s blog I’ve chosen to express pivotal moments of change in poetic form.

The schisms began to appear long before the New Year arrived
Whispers of change growing louder
Shifting the space to transformation.

Not enough to make this change or that
Self-imprisoned by choices large and small
Resolutions hard and rigid against the striving of my heart.

Squelched long by demands of should
A body not honoring its deepest needs
A voice longing to be heard
A spirit dampened under the weight of too many have-tos
The yawning chasm widened.

It wanted a revolution
A joyful turn
A spin around to what was once loved
And I met it at the door and I said “welcome.”

2 thoughts on “My Own Revolution

  1. Dearest Change Agent
    One who has graced my path
    Encouraging and embracing
    Supporting and loving
    Always there…
    A step ahead…
    You are loved.

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