Explore Your Kinesphere
& Realign Your Internal Compass

by Dominika Borovansky Gaines

How clear is your internal compass? Are you able to navigate the world from a deeply felt, intuitive understanding? Are there some areas of your life where the compass leads you clearly and others where the map is murky? Do you sometimes feel polarized by the external messages that you hear and see? Do you believe what the media tells you about yourself more than what your internal compass knows?

In our current culture we are ceaselessly bombarded with information and images relating to who we are and who should aspire to be. We are naturally drawn to beauty and the idea of perfection. Yet we aspire to mimic what we see even when we know that the information coming to us has been doctored, that the models we are seeing don’t look that way without makeup, lighting and computer “enhancement.” Marie Forleo writes, “Embracing our totality, which includes the checklist of things we consider embarrassing or broken or difficult, is the path to a fully lived life. Our scars build strength. Our scars cultivate courage. Our scars deepen our compassion and widen our hearts to make space to comfort others.”

Along with a culture that reveres physical perfection—even if achieved superficially—we are encouraged to do more when it comes to exercise. We are told we need cardiovascular exercise to improve our heart health, that we need to attain a certain elevated heart rate, that we must push ourselves. Many gyms and fitness centers have taken this a step further by creating competitions among their clients.

Here’s the thing: many people have elevated cortisol levels from lack of sleep, poor diet, and exhausting workouts. What we might need is more rest, more down time, less external stimulation, and lots more outside time. This culture of perfection, and our continual striving to attain it, may lead us away from trusting our intuition and our internal compass, away from living with our souls’ understanding of our own worth, our own innate beauty, our own innate strength, and our innate intelligence.

At Kinesphere it is our priority to give our clients numerous ways to realign with their health and wellbeing. In September 2016 we will focus on Intention. As Wayne Dwyer states, “our intention creates our reality.” Intention can mean moving toward embracing your inner strengths and finding the movement practice that most resonates with YOU, wherever you are at this very moment in time. Is your intention to improve your strength? Flexibility? Balance? Cardiovascular health? Our goal is to give you a full experience of your movement potential and guide you as you listen to your internal compass and journey towards your very best health.

If you are new to Kinesphere, check out our Intro Package, Exploring Your Kinesphere, which provides an opportunity for you to experience a broad swath of our movement offerings.

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