Don’t Come Here:
An Essay for Potential Clients

DSC_1970Do you love the clang of equipment, the drone of televisions, and bright fluorescent lighting? Then Don’t Come Here.

Our environment is peaceful, there’s no music playing and the lighting is soft. We want you to be able to tune in to your body, to hear what it has to say. We want your nervous system to relax and your mind and breath to expand.

Are you competitive? Do you need to “kill” your workout to feel accomplished? Then Don’t Come Here.

We are a non-judgmental, supportive community. We desire to see everyone succeed. Your goals are your own. Your work is your own. You may not even feel like you had a “workout” when you’ve taken class or a private lesson–but that doesn’t mean you didn’t work. Incremental changes that become a part of your life are the lasting ones.

DSC_2054Do you want someone else to “do” for you? Get passive treatments? Then Don’t Come Here.

You, and only you, can make changes of any significance. We will give you direction, we will give you new ways of thinking about movement, and we will give you homework, but it’s up to you to make the transformation.

Do you believe that the only way out of pain is through medication? Then Don’t Come Here.

The source of all pain is in the brain. We have various movement modalities that can change what you sense and feel and teach your brain something different. This doesn’t mean that all medication is bad, but medication does dull your senses and often has other side effects beyond the main reason it was prescribed for you. As you begin moving more mindfully and with more ease, you may find your need for medication is reduced.

Do you exercise because you believe that it’s the price to pay for eating? Then Don’t Come Here.

We don’t teach exercise as atonement for the “sin” of eating. The only reason our culture thinks eating is a sin is because we move too little. We teach movement because it’s what our bodies need to remain healthy. Movement is what provides your cells with vital nutrients (blood and oxygen) and stimulates your brain. We want you to experience the pleasure of staying nimble and spry well into your later years.

DSC_2120Do you believe that an hour at the gym will make up for 23 hours of sitting, driving, reclining and lying down? Then Don’t Come Here.

It’s important to understand that humans are designed to move throughout the day, and that changing the angles of your joints and varying the loads on your body is what keeps you healthy. We’re going to encourage you to move at other times outside of when you are at our studio. You will have homework and we’ll be able to tell if you’ve been doing it or not–and so will you.

SO, if you’re not willing to take responsibility for your own health and well-being, then Don’t Come Here.

BUT, if you are curious and open-minded, then check us out, come in for a free 30-minute consult and get on our mailing list. Beginning January 18th, we’ll be holding another 8-week Movement Challenge, which is a wonderful entree to our community. So if you are ready to begin a journey to self-discovery and better health, we’re here to help you!

With love,
The Staff of Kinesphere

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