Here you will find contributions from the staff at Kinesphere Center for Movement Education, including movement exercises to incorporate into your daily life, articles on alignment principles and links to other movement practitioners with whom we feel aligned.

My first entry is an introduction to Restorative Exercise™. As you may know, we hosted a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist certification at KCME in June in which six of our staff participated. Our interest in the program began a few years ago while reading some intriguing blogs from Biomechanical Scientist Katy Bowman, the founder of the Restorative Exercise Institute and the Aligned and Well™ program. As each of my instructors made comments on something read or experienced from one blog or another, I wondered if we might take the certification course as a group to create a common,science-based foundation for all of our other teachings. The certification program was the culmination of a six-month journey studying Whole Body Alignment (WBA), learning about cellular regeneration, human anatomy, physics, geometry and specific exercises to address common ailments of our 21st Century lifestyle.

In our collective experiences, we have always encouraged our clients with “homework,” exercises to do at home to strengthen the core, alleviate chronic back or shoulder pain, that aching neck, etc.. But as a group we did not have the same exercises, nor the same language. The brilliance of the Whole Body Alignment program is that the basic 50 exercises encompass a range of movements that we as humans all need for optimal function. Many WBA exercises are similar to Pilates and GYROTONIC® work, but there is one significant difference: the use of 25 Alignment points which emphasize the importance of geometry in skeletal landmarks. Through our own experiences of clarity via Katy’s work, we are even more confident that we can help you to maintain a strong, supple body, retain and/or attain better balance, and reduce your overall stress level. (A longer list of the benefits of this work are available by clicking here).

If you are not experiencing the benefit of this work in privates with us, we encourage you to come and take a group class. We presently have two weekly Whole Body Alignment classes: Lisa Perry teaches Saturdays at 9am and Alex teaches Thursdays at 5:30pm. We are also offering ½ hour RES mini-sessions.

Thank you for being a part of our community—whether in person or as part of our online community, for supporting us on this journey and for continuing to speak with your friends and family about our studio and how our work has helped you.

In joyful, healthful movement always,

Dominika Borovansky Gaines, Owner

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